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Our team is building the savings platform to power every business that ships.

We nerd out on shipping.

Businesses need better data related to shipping and logistics in order to understand their true shipping costs and to improve operations. Carriers like UPS and FedEx have intentionally complex rate structures and limited reporting systems which makes vendor accountability and operational oversight extremely difficult.

Our primary goals are to help customers (1) reduce their overall shipping costs through a deep understanding of complex carrier data & processes, (2) automate repeatable tasks that consume their company’s time, and (3) keep all shipping invoices, data and contract terms organized so go-forward planning and contract renewals are straightforward and painless.

The ShipScience management team blends executives from e-commerce and technology with the parcel industry – engineered to foster a solutions-oriented culture focused on the pulse of the shipper AND the carrier.

If you want to learn more about what we do, here’s how it works.

Our founder’s story

Before my life-changing venture with ShipScience, I had founded, a complex B2B e-commerce manufacturing and distribution business. As we expanded, adding locations, SKUs, and inventory variants, shipping became an increasingly daunting challenge. Despite our best efforts, we always fell short in time management, opportunity analysis, or expertise. We knew we were leaving money on the table, but couldn’t figure out how much or how to grab it.

After selling in 2017, I was determined to help e-commerce businesses tackle this issue. Over the years, we amassed over $1 billion in UPS and FedEx shipment data, hired a team of industry experts, developers, and analysts, and uncovered opportunities hidden from most shippers.

To our delight, the results exceeded our expectations. We could offer powerful insights to almost all shippers, helping them save over 25% on their shipping costs annually—with many changes requiring zero operational effort. We’re continually launching new products and features to empower e-commerce shippers everywhere.

Here’s to happy shipping!

Anthony Robinson

Doin’ some good.

Shipping stuff uses lots of boxes. In the US, about 29 million tons of corrugated material is manufactured each year. According to the EPA, at 2577 boxes per ton of corrugated, one tree yields about 151.6 boxes. That means around 493 million trees are needed to make a year’s worth of boxes. (stats courtesy of

There is some good news. For one, boxes are recovered / recycled at a rate that exceeds 80% now, which is awesome. There are also a number of responsible organizations devoted to planting trees around the globe.

We’ve decided to partner with, a non-profit committed to reforesting the planet, one tree at a time.

We plant a tree for every customer that works with ShipScience.

Join our team.

You want to be a part of something awesome. A company that values results but also embraces creativity. One that knows culture is the sum of its unique team members. One with great benefits, one that cares about family. On top of all that, you want to be part of a company that’s growing faster than any other company in the industry.

Does this sound like you? If so, you might be a future Ship Scientist. We have offices in Los Gatos, CA and Denver, CO – along with remote opportunities.

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