ShipScience FAQ

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What if I already use a shipping system (UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, ShipStation, etc)?2021-10-25T21:41:57-07:00

ShipScience is designed to sit alongside your existing shipping systems. There are no software changes, operational changes or changes to your shipping carriers needed. We just connect to your UPS & FedEx accounts and the rest is done from your ShipScience portal. Learn more.

Is it too early to work with ShipScience if we recently negotiated a new contract?2021-10-25T21:42:43-07:00

It’s never too early. Whether you are mid-negotiation, planning one soon or if you’ve just finished, we can help you organize your data and better understand your current cost position versus market – based on what matters most to your business. Plus our monitoring tools and invoice error detection will help you make sure your contracts are properly implemented.

Do you charge a percentage of savings?2021-10-25T21:43:21-07:00

No. We charge a simple, flat retainer based on % of spend — that you only pay if we save you money. Which means you keep more of your savings.

Are you software or a service?2021-10-25T21:43:53-07:00

ShipScience is fundamentally a service that combines software with live shipping experts. Some ShipScience features, such as contract and invoice monitoring, are automated systems backed by live people. Other features, such as contract renewal management and negotiations, are run by experts who are backed by software to help us work faster and more transparently.

What do we need to provide to get started?2021-10-25T21:44:25-07:00

We’ll need some invoices from your UPS & FedEx accounts, so we can evaluate your current terms and savings opportunities. Our automated systems will do the rest.

What is the time commitment on our end?2021-10-25T21:45:12-07:00

Onboarding: a 60-minute kickoff call where we learn all of your requirements from a finance, legal, and security standpoint.

First 6 weeks: a weekly 30 minute sync with your central point of contact.

After 6 weeks: a biweekly 30 minute sync with your central point of contact. (We should be fully up to speed at that point.)

Who is our point of contact once we sign up?2021-10-25T21:45:40-07:00

You’ll be assigned two people:

1. A customer success manager for daily communication and strategy meetings.

2. A dedicated expert to manage shipping vendor relationships and data / contract interpretation.

All of our experts have been top-performing UPS and FedEx sales professionals with experience at the other end of the negotiating table — so we know exactly which levers to pull to get you a better contract.

How do you calculate savings?2021-10-25T21:46:12-07:00

Savings is calculated for you automatically and reported in your ShipScience portal. There are a few different ways we calculate savings, depending on the feature:

The total value of eligible spend before and after ShipScience becomes involved.
The improvement in contractual discounts and terms before and after ShipScience becomes involved.
The presence of refunds and credits directly related to ShipScience services on your UPS and FedEx invoices.

Join thousands of
smart shippers.
Guaranteed to save.

Join thousands of
smart shippers.
Guaranteed to save.