ShipScience Healthcare

Next Generation
Freight Management

Providing healthcare systems with FedEx & UPS rates 50% lower than any other provider, while automating claims processes and providing data backed insights to make decision making easier.

Cut 3PL Freight Cost in Half

Healthcare networks reduce their shipping costs by 50% on average to about $16 per shipment with ShipScience.

Complementing our lowest carrier costs, we audit every shipment and allocate your freight to the appropriate cost centers, providing detailed cost savings reports every week.

Savings Example

After converting to ShipScience Healthcare, you can expect your average cost per shipment to drop to $16 or less.


Value-Added Services

  • Reduced LTL/TL freight costs by 25% to 50%
  • Add additional suppliers to the managed program
  • Improved Mode Optimization Results!
  • Uncover hidden Capital Equipment freight costs
  • Educate internal users on best outbound shipping practices
  • Fedex & UPS billing errors audit recovery


Why do my 3PL freight cost keep going up?

3PL costs always go up. UPS & FedEx raise their rates every year through the General Rate Increase (GRI). The advertised increase is typically 5.9%, but ShipScience data shows that the realized impact is usually north of 10% for most businesses.

How do you calculate savings?

After ShipScience Healthcare converts your healthcare system to our lowest industry carrier FedEx or UPS rate program, we calculate savings by comparing the old shipment cost to the new shipment cost on every shipment and report it on a monthly basis.

Can you compare my current rates to ShipScience Healthcare?

Absolutely! Our first step is always a free savings analysis to see how much you stand to save with ShipScience Healthcare. One of our experts will review the analysis with you in depth so we can see if a partnership makes sense.

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