Save time & money on shipping.

Features that help you scale your business. Connect all of your shipping accounts in less than 2 minutes.

Lower costs without changing operations.

If a package is late, lost, or damaged, you’re owed money. The ShipScience platform automatically identities, files, and tracks claims for you. Easily track refunds in your dashboard.

Get every shipping invoice audited automatically for incorrect charges and billing errors. When an invalid charge is found, you’ll be automatically credited or notified with specifics on how to remedy the issue.

Our platform will evaluate your carrier agreements and analyze your shipping invoice information, determining whether your rates are being applied properly. Once validated, ShipScience will benchmark your rates against other shippers, letting you know exactly how you stack up and how you can customize and optimize rates for your business.

Reduce operational errors and improve efficiency with simple, service-level monitoring tools that help you ensure that you’re shipping using the correct service and carrier mix at all times.

Your shipping data, brought to life.

In the ShipScience platform you’ll find in depth breakdowns of costs, surcharges, individual package details, and other meaningful reports and metrics. Your most important shipping decisions shouldn’t require extensive excel work.

ShipScience uses AI and machine learning to monitor your shipping data for any anomolies. If something isn’t optimized, our internal team of experts will be notified so they can send you custom recommendations detailing how to get back on track.
Monitor carrier SLAs and see which customers are receiving delivery disruptions so you can smooth them out proactively and improve your customer experience.
See which surcharges are costing you the most at a glance. Reduce unnecessary surcharges like address correction fees, residential surcharges and additional handling fees with our in-depth surcharge insights.

Reduce spreadsheet overload.

With a robust and flexible platform, you’ll have access to custom reporting, exporting & syncing of your data to replace spreadsheet pivot tables and charts, bringing you live access to your data and reducing your team’s time spent on report running.
Access detailed, consolidated financial reports that can be customized and segmented by cost center or General Ledger coding, eliminating time-consuming manual match-up processes and tracking system. Files can be exported or synced directly with your existing reporting platform.

ShipScience centralizes and secures all of your historical shipping data so you can easily evaluate trends, growth, and much more.

Download or sync your shipping data with your existing business systems, easily export data, and access in depth package time-in-transit and billing details across all of your shipping data sources.

Learn more about the ways ShipScience protects your data here.

Designed to plays nicely with everything in your existing shipping tech stack, ShipScience integrates with your existing CRM, label generation program, WMS, ERP and reporting systems.

Use our API to connect ShipScience to your other business applications.

Proactive shipping control.
Built for your business.